Cause Marketing Program

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Cause Marketing Program

We have heard it said that when we dream alone it is just a dream, but when we dream together it is the beginning of reality.

Many large companies are engaging in what has been dubbed Cause Marketing Programs. One of our favorite examples is Tide Loads of Hope from Proctor and Gamble. This blend of genuine heartfelt corporate philanthropy and effective marketing really helps people when they need it most.

Our vision is to partner with one or more medium to large sized business to create a first of its kind cause marketing program for SIDS. We have some ideas for how to make this happen and believe this could work well for firms in a variety of industries including Insurance and Financial Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, or for any business that is in anyway focused on helping children.

If you would be interested in discussing this further, please let us know. You can email us at, or give us a call at 614-906-WILL (9455).

We would love to hear from you even if it is just for a very early conversation.