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Baby Will

Journalist & Media

Unfortunately SIDS has been newsworthy for decades. As difficult as it can be to talk about the death of a child, we feel compelled to share our story in an effort to build awareness, and to try and help others.

Aside from the obvious and sad storyline associated with so many children dying from SIDS, there are a number of positive things happening. One thing which has comforted us is how other local SIDS families have come together to help each other cope. We are also extremely excited about the recent medical advancements helping the world better understand SIDS.

We know enough about Media to have great respect for the good work journalists do, often under pressure, to make a difference.

We will do what we can to help: cover one of our events, need a quotation or perspective from a SIDS family, in depth interviews, we might also be able to help you get in touch with other SIDS families and organizations.

Send us an email,, or give us a call at 614-906-WILL (9455).