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Beat SIDS Golf Outing Sponsorship Opportunities

About Our Cause

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death for children ages 1 month to 1 year.  Each year in the US over 2,000 children die from SIDS.  It equates to one child being lost every four hours.  It is enough children to fill over 100 kindergarten classes. 

Sadly, Ohio has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the US.  Columbus, Ohio in particular has an infant mortality rate that is twice that of New York City.  Our community faces a crisis.  We must raise awareness about the problem and the risk factors shown to be linked to SIDS and other sleep related infant deaths.


Beat SIDS Golf Outing

The Beat SIDS Golf Outing occurs once a year at the Foxfire Golf Course in Lockbourne, Ohio.  We bring over one hundred golfers to compete for prizes and support the cause.

Cick here to visit the Beat SIDS Golf Outing Webpage.


Event Statistics

We are currently updating our golfer statistics and will have them ready as soon as possible!

Sponsorship Options

As the 2014 Beat SIDS Golf Outing was held on May 3rd, we are no longer offering sponsorship opportunities for this event, but we will be publishing our 2015 official sponsorship packages within the next couple months.

If you would like to discuss your interest in sponsoring this event in later years or any questions you may have, please email us at contact-us@babywill.org or call (614) 906-WILL (9455).

Upcoming events

2014 SIDS Awareness 5k
Saturday August 2nd, 2014
11am in Brewery District, Columbus OH!  

2014 SIDS Poker Series
SAVE THE DATE: Sat Oct 11th, 2014