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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is more detailed information to help you prepare to attend the upcoming SIDS 5k.  If this does not answer all of your questions, please send us an email ( or give us a call (614-906-9455).

Where should I park?

Parking is available free in the designated areas marked in blue on the image below.  On race day, there will also be volunteers guiding you to those spots as long as they are available.  Since we do have a limited amount of parking spots, there will also be metered parking available along Front Street marked by the green dashes for 25 cents/20 minutes with a maximum of 3 hours.  You can also find parking at the Franklin County Municipal Courts highlighted in yellow for $3.

It's important to note that we will be shutting down Front St. from Beck to Livingston (indicated by the red line). In light of this, we recommend that you take High St. and turn West on Sycamore to reach the two Free Parking Lots marked in blue.

How can I pick up my Event Packet and T-shirt before the 5k?

If during online registration you opted to pick up your t-shirt at the Second Sole Store in Gahanna, you can pick up during regular store hours right up until 8pm the night before the SIDS 5k.

Store hours:
M-F 10am-8pm
Sat 12pm-5pm
Sun 10am-6pm

Address:  1245 North Hamilton Rd., Gahanna, OH 43230.

Contact: (614) 478-3361
Click here for a map to find the Second Sole store.

If you’ve picked up your bib & T-shirt prior to race, you do NOT need to check-in race day.  You can just walk past the check-in station and proceed to the warm up area right before the starting line.  There will be plenty of Volunteers in bright orange shirts to help direct you.

We will assume anyone who does not pick up at Second Sole will get their shirts and bib at the event.

How can I pick up my Event Packets and T-Shirt at the event?

If you did not pick up before the event, it is very important you stop by our Check-in Station to get your event bib, and t-shirt (if you opted to receive one).  Just look for the big “Event Day Check-in” sign with green letters.  If you're having trouble finding our Check-In Station, you can ask any volunteer wearing orange for assistance.

How do I get to the event?

This year's course is located in the Columbus Brewery District and begins just in front of World of Beer.
Click here for an interactive map to our starting line.  To see the entire course, click here.

When should I arrive if I'm planning on registering at the event?

For people who did not or could not preregister, we do offer registration at the event from 9:30 am to 10:50 am.  Just look for the big “Event Day Registration” Sign with Black Letters.  Please note that we must have a hard stop at 10:50 am to allow time for the proper start of the 5k.

If you have any children participating in the Kids Fun Run, they should be checked-in before 10:20 am, as the race heats start promptly at 10:30 am.

** Important Notice:  We do our best to have extra shirts left over for event day registration but it is likely we will run out, especially if more people attend than we expect.  We appreciate your understanding and support.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Credit cards are accepted, but cash, or checks (made out to BabyWill) work a lot better for us because it is so much faster to process.

Will there be bathrooms?

You bet!  Restrooms are available inside Shadowbox Live and World of Beer, but we will also have portable restrooms available near Brewmaster's Gate.

Can I buy an extra T-shirt?

T-shirts are our largest expense for the SIDS 5k, and it is always a challenge trying to forecast how many we need.  We expect to have limited quantities of shirts available at the event.  The first priority will be for people who have pre-registered.  Second priory will be for those who register at the event.  If there are any shirts remaining we do make them available after the event in exchange for a $20 incremental donation.

Can I pick up Event Packets for my family and friends?

Yes, we do this on the honor system because it really helps people.  But please make sure people know and agree that you are picking up for them.  Unfortunately things can get messy if someone does not know someone else was picking up for them.

Is there a place I can change my clothes?

Absolutely! Because we will have post-event festivities, we expect some of you may want to change.  You will be able to do so in any of the available restrooms inside Shadowbox Live, World of Beer, or the portable restrooms.

What kind of food will be available?

At the end of the event we will have fruit available, as well as food trucks serving well into the afternoon.

Will there be first aid?

Absolutely.  We will have a full medic crew and ambulance from the Columbus Fire Department at the event.

What have you done to make the event safe?

We have hired a number of special duty uniformed police officers, and police cruisers from the Columbus Police department to help us with closing streets, managing traffic, and more.

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