Our Vision and Strategy

Baby Will

Our Vision and Strategy

We come from a business background. As entrepreneurs and business people we are accustom to following a business planning process to build effective organizations. Roughly stated, this process starts with a problem, leads with a vision and then strategies for how we think we can accomplish the vision.

Defining the Problem

There are more children dying from SIDS than from cancer, yet only $17 million dollars of federal funding goes to SIDS research each year. Additional funding is urgently needed to enable the level of governmental action and medical research necessary to solve SIDS in a timely manner.

Our Vision

No more deaths from SIDS

Our Mission

To eradicate the impact of SIDS

Our Strategy

Based on what we currently understand, this is what we think we can do to help accomplish our vision. This does not mean our strategy is right or that it will not evolve. Rather, these are our current guiding principles.

A) Be an effective, sustainable, professionally managed 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with low expenses

B) Build a brand and leverage best practices in modern marketing to intelligently connect with supporters

C) Host big and uplifting local fundraiser events

D) Develop meaningful programs aimed at supporting medical research and helping local families