Who We Are

Baby Will

Who We Are

Michelle and Nathan Hurd Family when baby Will was born

Babywill.org is a Central Ohio based 501(c)3 public charity founded by the friends and family of Michelle and Nathan Hurd following the death of baby Will in 2009.  Below you can learn more about our story and nonprofit organization:

Our SIDS Experience – We share some details from the loss of our baby Will in the hope it helps build awareness about SIDS.

Meet Baby Will – Celebrate Will as we remember him: a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby boy.

Baby Will’s Eulogy – Will’s eulogy set the course for our recovery, and pretty much launched BabyWill.org.

Our Nonprofit Company – An overview of our organization.

Baby Will Logo – We call it the Heaven’s Window logo; learn what we are trying to say with our brand.

Executive Team – We strive to be a professionally run nonprofit and it starts with our leadership team.