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Baby Will

Our Organizations Logo

Our logo is intended to convey useful information about our organization. Our hope is that it can be meaningful to those who have an interest in solving SIDS.

We refer to our logo as the Heavens Window logo, primarily represented by the blue box. This represents our belief that our children are with us in this effort to solve SIDS, always reaching out to help us in support of our noble purpose.

The silhouette of the Baby is intended to represent the seriousness of SIDS. Children are dying, lots of them; one every 3.5 hours in just the US. The intended symbolism or hope is that people will realize SIDS impacts thousands of families each year and that the impact is on the most painful and personal of levels.

The empty diaper is a message of hope to all grieving parents, family members, and friends. The message is that in spite of suffering the most horrible of losses, you will one day find a way to laugh again. Our baby Will was unusual in how much he loved to have his diaper changed, and the way he acted during changing time was so funny. It was this memory which enabled us to laugh again for the first time following the loss of Will. This laughter helped us more than we could ever imagine, and it helped us to begin seeing other fond memories through our unimaginable pain. Eventually this helped us accept what had happened, and continues to help us in our healing process.

Finally, the heart is intended to also evoke a dual meaning. First, it represents the word “will.” We believe this is one of the most powerful words in our language and that most people feel their personal will resides inside their heart. It is akin to their spirit or drive in life. The second meaning is specific to our son Will’s donation of two heart valves which will hopefully allow two other small babies to live. While this does not bring our baby back, it does help give us peace. We feel it also suggests just how literally our lost loved ones can live on if we have the courage to see the blessings through all the pain and grief. This symbol is also something which continues to help us move forward in our healing process.