Meet Baby Will

Baby Will

Meet Baby Will

Why Meet Baby Will?

We want people to know more about Will for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, we want family and friends to be able to remember Will as we do: a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby with all the potential in the world.

Who Was Will?

Will was the youngest of three healthy boys. From the day he was born we jokingly referred to him as our best looking son. But in all seriousness, we felt Will was an unusually beautiful baby. He had symmetrical dark features, and strikingly beautiful blue eyes. Each of our children has unique gifts, and it was very apparent that Will was blessed with good looks.

Will also loved to have his diaper changed unusually more than our other children, and the way he acted at changing time was so funny. As we would change Will’s diaper, he would throw his arms back, share a huge smile, and giggle. This happened at most changings, and it was hilarious. After Will passed away this memory was the first thing that enabled us to laugh again. Being able to laugh again after the devastating loss of Will is represented by the diaper in the Baby Will logo.

Will’s emotions were also unusually easy to read. Even as a newborn, changes in Will’s demeanor were always very apparent. We first noticed this in the hospital, when Will’s older brothers came to visit him for the first time. When the older brothers arrived, Will’s whole presence noticeably lit up. He became so much more alert and content. It was unusual and became even more evident as Will got older and was able to smile and vocalize his feelings.

Something else which stood out about Will is how he loved to look around. Even as a newborn Will could hold up his head. As he got older and his eyes became capable of seeing things, Will would often only be content when he was sitting upright and able to look at a lot of different things. This was especially apparent on stroller rides and when Will was carried in his papoose. It was more than just the fresh air or the soothing motion of going for a walk. Even at a such a young age it was unusual how Will seemed incapable of seeing enough of the world.

Perhaps a Greater Meaning?

We hope sharing some of our memories helps people see Will as we remember him. In addition to helping people remember Will as we do, we also believe that the more we help others get to know Will, the easier it is to appreciate the devastating cost of losing so many babies to SIDS. We want people to realize that Will is much more than a symbol for, that he was a real person and an integral member of our family. And when the thousands of other babies around the world who die from SIDS each year are lost, the world loses an important potential contributor to humanity. While parents can work hard to honor the memory of their lost children, it will always pale in comparison to what that child could have become if they would have lived a full life. In this light, it is hard to imagine what contributions, cures, and advancements have already been lost because of so many lives lost to SIDS.