Our Nonprofit Company

Baby Will

Our Nonprofit Company

Almost immediately following the death of baby Will our family and friends felt a real need to do something important to combat SIDS. We are far too familiar with the fact that nothing we can do will ever bring back baby Will, but we see several things driving us to want to get involved.

For one, so many people helped us that we feel a real obligation to pay it forward.

Second, we felt so helpless in our ability to do anything to save baby Will; it does feel somewhat gratifying to try and prevent this heartache from happening to others.

Third, and perhaps most important, the more we learn about SIDS the more optimistic it makes us that SIDS can indeed be solved.

The more we studied the SIDS problem the more we came to believe that fundamentally this is an economic problem. It was disappointing for us to learn how little money was flowing into SIDS research relative to the scale of the problem.

As we considered the situation we felt this realization that fundamentally SIDS is an economic problem plays well into our strengths because many of our friends and family members are business leaders and entrepreneurs. It seems we have an opportunity to leverage our strengths as entrepreneurs and educators to build a not-for-profit company that could contribute meaningfully to the broader efforts to solve SIDS.

We developed a business plan, formed a board of directors, incorporated, filed for tax exempt status with the IRS, and became an official 501(c)3 organization in January of 2010.