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Baby Will

SIDS Resources

There are many talented people engaged in the fight against SIDS.  After losing our baby Will in 2009 it gave us comfort to see the good work being done and to learn about the future plans of various researchers, government organizations, and other non-profits.  It took us a while to piece together who is doing what for SIDS.  So we thought it could be helpful if we aggregated what we found for those that might be interested.

Bereavement Support – For those struggling with grief these are some resources that might be able to help

More Information on SIDS and SUID – Here are sources we have found credible and helpful for those looking to learn more

Ohio SIDS Statistics and Data on Child Deaths in Ohio – We are an Ohio based nonprofit so we care greatly to understand the status of SIDS in our local communities

US SIDS Statistics and Data on Child Deaths in the US – Find data about SIDS, SUID, and child death in general across the US