Bereavement Support

Baby Will

Bereavement Support

If you have recently lost a loved one to SIDS, first we want tell you how sorry we are for your loss.  We lost our baby Will on July 31st, 2009.  It was completely devastating.  There were a number of people and groups who helped us.  If you could maybe use some help, below are several organizations to consider.  We also found incredible local counselors by asking friends and family if they knew of anyone they would recommend.

SID Network of Ohio
For those in Ohio who have lost a child to SIDS or related SUID, we count this as one of the most vital resources.  SID network sent us a packet of information right after losing baby Will.  Among many other things, they also produce a great newsletter.  But perhaps the best thing was helping us meet other local SIDS families.  For those in Central Ohio, every other month the SID Network hosts a moms group, and once a year a family picnic.  You can sign up for a mailing list at their website, and they have a specific page for those seeking bereavement support.

First Candle
First Candle is an impressive national organization that has been involved in the fight against SIDS since the early 1960’s.  First Candle offers a free grief packet, and has a 1-800 number to reach grief counselors.  Visit their page for grieving families to learn more.

CJ Foundation for SIDS
An impressive national organization founded in 1994.  Among many other things, CJ SIDS offers Bereavement support packets, as well as online parent to parent support groups.  They also list out additional reading materials on grief.  Visit their page for grieving families to learn more.

National SUID/SIDS Resource Center
This Resource Center is funded by the US government’s Maternal and Child Heath Bureau.  It lists quite a few different pieces of literature aimed at helping those who might be struggling with grief.  They also provide a 1-800 phone number in conjunction with the First Candle organization.