Ohio SIDS Statistics

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Ohio SIDS Statistics and Data on Child Deaths in Ohio

We are an Ohio based nonprofit, so we care greatly about the status of SIDS and SUID in our own local communities.  Here are some specific sources about SIDS in Ohio:

Ohio Child Fatality Review Annual Reports
There is an incredible thing that happens in many states.  A team of volunteers, many of whom are health and forensic professionals, attempt to review the case of every child who died in their state in order to better understand what happened and capture additional data that can hopefully be used to prevent deaths of children in the future.  In Ohio 98% of the 1,580 child deaths reported in 2010 were reviewed.  This is information on all children who died under age 18, not just babies who died from SIDS.  To be sure, it can be emotional and difficult reading, but it is extraordinary information that can clue parents into the risks facing our kids.  Click here to see all the Ohio Child Fatality Review (CFR) Annual Reports dating back to 2001.

Columbus Public Health – Franklin County Child Fatality Review
This is material from the Child Fatality Review team in Columbus Ohio.  It is an incredible source of information related to how many children die in just Franklin County, Ohio including causes of death, and some stats on circumstances surrounding the deaths.  Click here for a two page summary for just sleep-related infant deaths in Franklin County, Ohio between 2009 and 2011.  They also have additional information for prior years, but it is a little difficult to navigate.  Click here to go to the page, and then be sure to click on the link at the top of the page called “Forms and Publications.”