What is SIDS

Baby Will

What is SIDS

We lost our baby Will in 2009.  The detectives told us the coroner ruled the death as SIDS.  Since then we have spent time studying the problem.  After reading much of the literature, and speaking with many experts, what we can say SIDS is complicated but understandable.  Below is information for those trying to learn more:

About SIDS – The definition and history or SIDS, connection to SUID, how we understand some of the complexities and how SIDS is changing

SIDS Statistics – How many are dying from SIDS, how it compares to other problems, and why the data on SIDS can be misleading

SIDS Risk Factors – A summary from the AAP on connections researchers have found to SIDS, the ABCs of Safe Sleep, and more

SIDS Research – See how much money is being spent on SIDS research in the US and what has been funded

Leading Medical Theories – Learn more about the Triple Risk Model and the underlying vulnerability that might make some children susceptible to SIDS

SIDS Related Legislation – See what Congress is trying to do to solve SIDS